Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another batch of earrings

The first two pairs of earrings below are the result of my last visit to the bead shop. In this occasion it's all about the colour!

The colour of these beads caught my eye - pink and green are perfect colours for this spring and summer. The beads are made from glass and they look as if they were painted by hand.

The print on these purple china beads is amazing - the picture doesn't manage to capture all the detail and colour variations but they look like a picture of the universe. The colour ranges from pink to purple, with a touch of gold. I decided to combine them with golden pearls and I'm really pleased with the result.

And lastly, I made these earrings with some spare buttons my mum had on her stash. Despite being inexpensive plastic buttons, I used golden wire to make them look more like a jewel. I love how the bright red goes with the golden tone.

And a special mention to the lovely origami hamster my fiancé made :) isn't it an original stand to showcase the earrings?